Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Special Thanks

There are many who have been wonderful to my family but I need to make a special thank you to the Bledsoe's; Kendall, whom I will forever call a sister, and Dennis who have been two of my biggest supporters. I have hesitated to write this as they do not like the lime light, but I want them to publicly know how much I love them. I pray they read this blog. I know all the little things they have done as well as the medium, the large, the huge things! I love all of you (Bledsoe’s) so much that I watch your bench row at church and sometimes it brings me to tears- I am allowed to be a little nutty I am missing part of my brain, part is scarred, and part is defective! I saw you tonight at the firework show and it brings me to tears just thinking about approaching you Kendall because you know me so well!! know I love you too. Please don't be mad I had to tell you how much I love and appreciate you!

All my love!


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