Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Dear Sweet Angels-a note from Stacy

My dear sweet angels! This is so hard for me to try and find words to tell you how much I appreciate everything everyone has done! I cannot begin to name names because there are so many who helped that it would take up so much room! My heart is so full. I know that there was extreme amounts of money raised, but the feeling of love I was able to feel at the event was such a healing and ever lasting feeling that I will never forget! When I am sitting in doctors offices, going through treatments, taking many medications that make me ill, in bed being in so much pain, I have the love I felt that day to remember!
I love all of you! I know I wasn't able to talk to all of you, but please know I felt your spirit and for every step you took and every thought you made for me I felt- this will carry me through some of those lonely moments that I have. I felt encircled about by the arms of His love through all of you!
I want you to know I prayed for all of you that you also felt of the love that I felt and that somehow you could know how much I love you. Although I had to leave after a couple hours, my love and prayers continued. For those of you that traveled and worked hard and did the smallest thing I love you! Please know that I needed your love more than anything in the world! I needed the love that was and is shown so much as it carries me through! Thanks for loving my family.
I love every single one of you who were there. I love everyone who thought of us. I love all the ones who showed there love to us.
WE appreciate all the work for the 5k run, the 1k run, the bake sale, the wonderful music, the yard sale, for giving of yourselves. What wonderful people we have in our lives!
I cried because we are able to fill my prescriptions instead of getting one or two pills at a time we can now get full prescriptions for a while!
Thank you! Love you all! Thanks for loving my children also!
All my love - prayers will be made for all of you!

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