Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update From Stacy

The following is an update from Stacy, it was in the comments sections and I didn't want it to get missed so I moved it up here:

Most of all I would like to express my love to my sweet children and husband who live every day with me and support me!! Then very next I want to thank the very sweet angels who surround me where I live and support me in ways that have made it possible. I don't know how to express enough love or to be able to do enough to thank all of you! Please know I am so grateful and my love for you is great ever dollar or every minute spent in my behalf I have cried tears of gratitude for. I love all of you! There are complete strangers who have showed much love! I love you also! Know that when I get to heaven I will be there to explain to my Father in Heaven I didn't get there without the help of my many Brothers and Sisters! My heart is full. I pray for all of you daily!

All my love-

Stacy Caldwell

Update on my health- I am on seizure medications and average 3 seizures per week which is much better. I am on about 12 medications at this point. I do not get to say remission with Astroytoma Glioma because the cancer cells remain. The cancer at this point is growing slowly so I can be grateful for this. I have good days and bad days. Good days I get to function and I make the most of. Bad days I sleep. I am just so blessed to have good days where I can get up and do some things. I will always have bad headaches, seizures, neuropothy etc..... but thats the nature of the beast! I wouldn't know what good is without bad!  I am blessed!  I am here and fighting!

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