Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update From Stacy

The following is an update from Stacy, it was in the comments sections and I didn't want it to get missed so I moved it up here:

Most of all I would like to express my love to my sweet children and husband who live every day with me and support me!! Then very next I want to thank the very sweet angels who surround me where I live and support me in ways that have made it possible. I don't know how to express enough love or to be able to do enough to thank all of you! Please know I am so grateful and my love for you is great ever dollar or every minute spent in my behalf I have cried tears of gratitude for. I love all of you! There are complete strangers who have showed much love! I love you also! Know that when I get to heaven I will be there to explain to my Father in Heaven I didn't get there without the help of my many Brothers and Sisters! My heart is full. I pray for all of you daily!

All my love-

Stacy Caldwell

Update on my health- I am on seizure medications and average 3 seizures per week which is much better. I am on about 12 medications at this point. I do not get to say remission with Astroytoma Glioma because the cancer cells remain. The cancer at this point is growing slowly so I can be grateful for this. I have good days and bad days. Good days I get to function and I make the most of. Bad days I sleep. I am just so blessed to have good days where I can get up and do some things. I will always have bad headaches, seizures, neuropothy etc..... but thats the nature of the beast! I wouldn't know what good is without bad!  I am blessed!  I am here and fighting!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall/Winter fund drive for the Caldwells!

To all our friends and neighbors,
After nice summer break, the For Stacy with Love committee is at it again! and Boy! do we have some fun things in store. We are still committed to reaching our goal next Spring!

This coming Saturday (11/13/10)  from 10-3pm! We will be setting up outside the Smiths in Farmington taking donations for the Caldwell family.

We would LOVE it to have some friends and neighbors drop by!

If you would like to donate your time and "man" the table, we have 5-- 1 hour time slots we are filling, please call or email me ASAP forstacywithlovecharity@gmail.com  and we will see if we can fit you it.  If we can't fit you in this time we'll remember you for next time :)
Thank-you for all that you have done and still do for the Caldwells! This wouldn't be possible without the support we have received so far.

Celia Nilson

YOU can make a difference! Amazing and miraculous things can happen when we, as a community, unite together!

Receive a free lip balm or hand sanitizer for donations of $5 or more
Free T-shirt for donations of $10 or more (while supplies last)
Coming soon!! BYU/UTAH signed footballs & basketballs
Going to the highest bidder!

Donations can be made online (click on Paypal Link to the right) or at any America First Credit Union,
charitable account: "For Stacy With Love"

Or can be given to any member of the For Stacy with Love committee

This charity has been organized by caring neighbors and friends, we do this …
...For Stacy, with Love