Monday, May 24, 2010

Yard & Bake Sale

Last Saturday's fundraiser was a huge success! Thank-you a million times over to the many volunteers who helped make it happen.


  1. I am very overwhelmed by the love and support of so many people...I don't think I have ever felt so loved and cared for. When you have constant headaches and you go through all the testing some days you can feel very alone. I will hold on to this love for the rest of my battle through the dark times! I don't know how to thank people enough.....

  2. Wow, Amanda and Curtis. I loved it. You had me in tears. What an amazing event to be apart of. I just felt privileged to be there and witness a miracle.
    Stacy, we love, think about and pray for you daily. Keep up the fight!

  3. Amazing video. It brought tears to my eyes. Just amazing. It makes me sad I couldn't be a part of it. I love that picture of Halle with the penguin...too cute! :) We sure have an amazing community.