Thursday, February 25, 2010

Request for information

Dearest loved ones thank you again for all you have done for us and we would never ask for anything from you again and you have given so much that we couldn't accept anymore handouts. We may lose our house due to medical bills they closing on our house. I have many medical procedures, medications, surgeries and other medical things coming up that will be required this next year and we are trying to work with billing. We have asked the hospitals, insurances and tried to ask every resource we can. What we are hoping is that someone out there knows of something that we are missing or has some idea for us. We are trying not to let our children know as they will find out soon enough but we are hoping that we are missing some kind of help. We will not accept money from you guys as you have done enough we love and hope you feel our love as it runs deep for all of you! Please we hope you don't think any less of us as we really have tried our best!


  1. I will research and see if I can find anything. Sometimes trying to work with the bank might help (who is your lender?). Or, a Short sale. It won't save your house, but it will sort-of save your credit. I know a little about it as I am helping someone else try and do a short sale.

    Sometimes using the media can help. Not totally sure what spin we could use, but I can put together a press release that might stir some interest. If you have tried to work with your lender and they haven't worked with you, that is always a spin for the media, but I wouldn't use it unless the mortgage company has been inflexible. Chloie

  2. Thanks Chloie I will check into that! You are awesome.