Saturday, February 20, 2010

Recent Update from Stacy

Stacy posted the following which I am including here since some of you don't have a facebook account.

To all my dearest friends......I don't know how much everyone knows......I have brain cancer have had and will always have yeah!!!!!!But the good news is the radiation they gave me was the maximum they could give me and it has slowed the growth of my cancer. I can't have radiation again as I reached my max and my body has reached its limit.

My body has had its max this year so it is unable to go under anything experimental at this point. I need to get my body better as all therapies allowed for my cancer have been tried that aren't experimental! Also we have been financially depleted a long time ago- beyond depleted/ experimental therapies do not like that. So from here on out I have to put one hand in the Lords my other hand in my husbands and yours.

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