Thursday, February 25, 2010

Request for information

Dearest loved ones thank you again for all you have done for us and we would never ask for anything from you again and you have given so much that we couldn't accept anymore handouts. We may lose our house due to medical bills they closing on our house. I have many medical procedures, medications, surgeries and other medical things coming up that will be required this next year and we are trying to work with billing. We have asked the hospitals, insurances and tried to ask every resource we can. What we are hoping is that someone out there knows of something that we are missing or has some idea for us. We are trying not to let our children know as they will find out soon enough but we are hoping that we are missing some kind of help. We will not accept money from you guys as you have done enough we love and hope you feel our love as it runs deep for all of you! Please we hope you don't think any less of us as we really have tried our best!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank You

From Stacy:

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and love and for hanging in there with me it is what keeps me and my family going. The unsung heros that send me cards, who drop off treats, who bring gifts, who send or drop off money, who bring meals, who give me a punching bag that says cancer sucks!, who helped with... cancer, who give me thoughtful notes etc! I love you!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Correcting misinformation.

From Stacy's FB page.

I want to quickly put out my medical facts as there has been some misinformation.

1. I have Astrocytoma Glioma- anyone who has studied this cancer or worked with this cancer or is a brain dr knows there is no cure and this cancer will not go away without away without a miracle. Yes miracles do happen. The Huntsman and U of U had a dr looking at the tests done who was not a brain specialist as they do not have one at this time so they thought it was basically gone......very scary diagnosis to make for someone for me but Dr ChoCair my NeuroOncologist- the only one in the state had me over to him within a day of the hospital getting his own MRI and test and I was seeing Dr. Constantino who was in Haiti when I was in the hospital- the best drs in the world for me are at IHMC here in SLC!!!!

The diagnosis is that I have used the max radiation- I can no longer receive anymore radiation but it slowed the growth of my tumor. Where my tumor is and the kind etc my dr does not believe chemo will work so our resources are now depleted.
So the cancer has slowed growing but the left side being numb has caused back pain. The medication, radiation, surgery and all other procedures have made several of my other organs decide to do crazy things which have added to medications and destruction. I was told the seizures are epileptic caused from headaches and from stress/the trauma to the brain.
They say I will always have a never ending headache so we are working on that.....trying to live with all the other stuff. Not much more we can do but try and leave this a better place for our children and love our children.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Recent Update from Stacy

Stacy posted the following which I am including here since some of you don't have a facebook account.

To all my dearest friends......I don't know how much everyone knows......I have brain cancer have had and will always have yeah!!!!!!But the good news is the radiation they gave me was the maximum they could give me and it has slowed the growth of my cancer. I can't have radiation again as I reached my max and my body has reached its limit.

My body has had its max this year so it is unable to go under anything experimental at this point. I need to get my body better as all therapies allowed for my cancer have been tried that aren't experimental! Also we have been financially depleted a long time ago- beyond depleted/ experimental therapies do not like that. So from here on out I have to put one hand in the Lords my other hand in my husbands and yours.