Thursday, January 28, 2010


Stacy came home Wednesday afternoon.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Stacy is at Huntsman Cancer institute now and doing much better. The pain she has been experiencing is finally controlled. It is possible she could come home as early as tomorrow. If you would like to visit or need information, please contact Mike.

Editorial comment: Please be mindful that Stacy is trying to recuperate and she needs to rest. Mike's main concern is for Stacy and his family. Visits should be limited in the number of people and the time you spend. Mike and Stacy are aware of the concern and love expressed by neighbors and ward members.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Donations for Stacy

Stacy's cousin posted the following and indicated we can share it on the blog.

Hi everyone we just wanted to let you know that we have set up a donation account for Stacy to help with the medical costs. If you would like to donate the account is at Mountain America Credit Union under STACY CALDWELL DONATIONS. You can send donations to STACY CALDWELL C/O MACU P.O. BOX 278 CEDAR CITY, UT. 84721 or ...deposit at any Mountain America Credit Union. Stacy keep up the fight we are all behind you.


I don't know if I will have the money or strength to make it for treatment I hope I will but I am very discouraged at this point! I love all of those who have supported me. I love my children more than I could have ever imagined. When you laugh or have good memories think of me. When you see my children please give them the love they may be missing.

I appreciate whatever can be done and I know my Father in Heaven knows best so what is meant to be will happen. All my love- sincerely!


Need Treatment....

I really need treatment as I have become ill. The treatment I am trying to get is in Houston and I need any help that can be given. People to watch my children, prayers, spare change anything ......even just a hug and support! The Lord will make it happen if it is meant to be but I must do all I can! I love all of you and know that everyone has accepted my family as theirs know I love you for this and if you can't do anything I understand. My Heavenly Fathers will will be done.
All my love-

Monday, January 4, 2010

Calling all Angels!

I have continually been in extreme pain that won't allow sleeping and my migraines make my whole body ache. I have also had seizures become more regular now and there is a lump growing on top of my head. As the radiation did not work and my cancer is rare especially for people as young as I am there is not much more than can do and the extensive pain pills and seizure pills are no longer helping. We are trying to get our insurance to work with us so I can get the needed procedure that could change my life in Houston- there is a clinic/hospital there who has had very much success in getting rid of Astrocytoma Glioma cancer- the FEDS will only let the procedure be practiced there at that hospital. I am in dire need of this procedure. They are requiring $1500 upfront and I have to fly down there with someone and pay to stay and be treated for 3 weeks with a chest catheter, then they will send me home if all goes well and I will be on a strict diet and be homebound unable to leave or see anyone due to the fact the smallest germ could hurt me.
I have gotten to the point that the pain is so horrible I am unable to sleep - I took 3 ambien last night and fell asleep at 4am and had to be awake for my kids in 3 short hours.....
At this point I will do whatever it takes to get down there to maybe have some kind of hope!
Everyone has been so kind and I hate to ask but if you can help or pray for me in any way I am asking humbly.
I am trying to ask relatives for financial help but our resources are very depleted as I have been trying to fight this for 2 years now. for me this is a last resort. I want to live if it be My Father in Heavens will but if it isn't this won't work out...
This is my last chance for hope.....if anyone has any ideas I am hoping to get down there to Houston within a month. This is my last chance at treatment.
Sincerely and Humbly yours-
Stacy Caldwell