Friday, December 31, 2010

Dearest Angels

To the dearest angels in our lives we are so grateful to those who have helped us through such a hard time we can't thank you enough. Our children have suffered through more than children should ever have to survive but through blessings through people with big hearts they have been blessed. My husband and I have shed many tears for the blessings for those who have been so selfless on our behalf. Please know we pray for you and love you. May the Lord bless you for your charity and selflessness.
All our love - The Caldwells.
We Humbly thank you more than we can express!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For Stacy Shop

In an effort to raise money for the Caldwells at a more consistent rate, we have opened up this online shop. 

It is still a work in progress, but for the time being we will be running email auctions and selling items here. If you have craft items/ sevices/ or other items you would like to donate to be sold on this site please email me at  (remember %100 of sale will be donated to the Caldwell family)

Check it out now, we will be soon auctioning some great BYU/UTAH collectors items. 

Again, as always, if you feel like you could help with this endeavor in a specific way ( web design/delivery/advertising) please contact us at

Thanks again everyone and have a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update From Stacy

The following is an update from Stacy, it was in the comments sections and I didn't want it to get missed so I moved it up here:

Most of all I would like to express my love to my sweet children and husband who live every day with me and support me!! Then very next I want to thank the very sweet angels who surround me where I live and support me in ways that have made it possible. I don't know how to express enough love or to be able to do enough to thank all of you! Please know I am so grateful and my love for you is great ever dollar or every minute spent in my behalf I have cried tears of gratitude for. I love all of you! There are complete strangers who have showed much love! I love you also! Know that when I get to heaven I will be there to explain to my Father in Heaven I didn't get there without the help of my many Brothers and Sisters! My heart is full. I pray for all of you daily!

All my love-

Stacy Caldwell

Update on my health- I am on seizure medications and average 3 seizures per week which is much better. I am on about 12 medications at this point. I do not get to say remission with Astroytoma Glioma because the cancer cells remain. The cancer at this point is growing slowly so I can be grateful for this. I have good days and bad days. Good days I get to function and I make the most of. Bad days I sleep. I am just so blessed to have good days where I can get up and do some things. I will always have bad headaches, seizures, neuropothy etc..... but thats the nature of the beast! I wouldn't know what good is without bad!  I am blessed!  I am here and fighting!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall/Winter fund drive for the Caldwells!

To all our friends and neighbors,
After nice summer break, the For Stacy with Love committee is at it again! and Boy! do we have some fun things in store. We are still committed to reaching our goal next Spring!

This coming Saturday (11/13/10)  from 10-3pm! We will be setting up outside the Smiths in Farmington taking donations for the Caldwell family.

We would LOVE it to have some friends and neighbors drop by!

If you would like to donate your time and "man" the table, we have 5-- 1 hour time slots we are filling, please call or email me ASAP  and we will see if we can fit you it.  If we can't fit you in this time we'll remember you for next time :)
Thank-you for all that you have done and still do for the Caldwells! This wouldn't be possible without the support we have received so far.

Celia Nilson

YOU can make a difference! Amazing and miraculous things can happen when we, as a community, unite together!

Receive a free lip balm or hand sanitizer for donations of $5 or more
Free T-shirt for donations of $10 or more (while supplies last)
Coming soon!! BYU/UTAH signed footballs & basketballs
Going to the highest bidder!

Donations can be made online (click on Paypal Link to the right) or at any America First Credit Union,
charitable account: "For Stacy With Love"

Or can be given to any member of the For Stacy with Love committee

This charity has been organized by caring neighbors and friends, we do this …
...For Stacy, with Love

Monday, July 5, 2010

5k & 1k Race

Friday, July 2, 2010

A goal to reach for!!

After careful consideration and discussion with the Caldwell's, the "For Stacy with Love" committee has decided to make our goal for fundraising, $15,000. This amount will help the Caldwell's with their current medical bills

With the yard sale event, 5K and other cash donations we have raised $4,545.04.  That is huge and exciting!! With this donation, we were able to help Mike and Stacy go to Houston and meet with specialists there.
We'll be tracking our progress here on the blog and hope to reach our goal by next Spring.  We'll be posting, in the weeks to come, opportunities to help us achieve this goal.

Thanks again for all of the wonderful support!!


I just wanted to send out a GREAT BIG THANKYOU to all of the support for the 5K... we had a great time!  These events couldn't happen without all the support from our wonderful volunteers!! We will be posting some pictures from it soon!

Also a big thankyou to the following businesses for their support:

Wasatch Wear (t-shirts)
Speedi Pak (copy services)
Tasty's (free doughnuts)
Three Brother's Balloons

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Service Ideas for Summer of Service (SOS)

For any individuals or families that are looking for service opportunities this summer, and would like to help raise money for the Caldwells medical finances, please inquire at 

There are many opportunities for service for the upcoming fundraising events. Including: handing out fliers, selling drinks at parades, assisting/volunteering at planned events, assisting with web-page design for online auctions, and MORE!
Be sure and contact us if you are interested in serving this great cause.  We have seen miracles happen!

the For Stacy, with Love committee

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yard & Bake Sale

Last Saturday's fundraiser was a huge success! Thank-you a million times over to the many volunteers who helped make it happen.

Monday, April 26, 2010

note from Stacy (transferred from FaceBook)

Calling all survivors! I was told by the doctor it would be good to form a aupport group or join a support group with others that are living with Astrocytoma so for the last couple months I have tried to contact people and they are either unreachable or have passed away! The families of people with brain cancer have been wonderful to me but it seems like a cruel joke!
I also am missing someone I went to radiation with she passed away last week- the world will be a little dimmer without this beautiful person in it!
MD Anderson called this morning and they have received upwards of 500+ pages of medical records! They are ordering the brain tissue sample, I have an MRI on May 6th and they want an appointment with me shortly after! They are so positive and really have made me feel at ease like everything will be okay!
Update after medication stopped: I do feel better since stopping the medication but this weekend I did have a set back.....I have morning sickness I am not pregnant apparently this is normal with my diagnosis...
Also I had an extremely scarry headache yesterday which rendered me helpless! But today is a new day and I am enjoying the subsiding of pain! Thanks for letting me ramble.....I am trying to chronicle this for others who may be going through this!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Update for friends

Update for my Family & dearest friends! Yes I still have Astrocytoma Glioma and will for the rest of my life but my last test showed it was not growing fast and the radiation and surgery resected most of it! Radiation was a one time shot as it was on my brain. As of conference I was still very sick and as I lay in bed Heavenly Father gave me the choice to live or continue as I was......I chose to fight!

As this was such a miracle for me I have kept it to myself.....I have quit taking all medications, started a mostly natural diet and am taking vitamins and drinking 2 gallons of water per day! No pop! Heavenly Father never said it would be easy rings in my ears daily!

I have a doctors appt May 6th.....this includes an MRI with and without contrast and an appt with the oncologist to follow to find out results......with one breath my life could change again ......the anticipation is horrable! The love for my kids is what keeps me going!

I can only send you my love and thank you for your prayers and support as this carries me through! I will never be able to thank all of you for your many selfless acts on my and my families behalf! Thank you infinity! I love you all very much and pray for you also!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Join me in praying....

To all my dearest friends this week will you please join me in praying for a miracle just a small miracle of our own we don't have to be specific just something bright and jooyful and peaaceful. A gift for all of you who have helped me and maybe a touch of relief for myself.......maybe God remembers b-day presents although I have 3 drs appts this week blah! Love to you all!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Request for information

Dearest loved ones thank you again for all you have done for us and we would never ask for anything from you again and you have given so much that we couldn't accept anymore handouts. We may lose our house due to medical bills they closing on our house. I have many medical procedures, medications, surgeries and other medical things coming up that will be required this next year and we are trying to work with billing. We have asked the hospitals, insurances and tried to ask every resource we can. What we are hoping is that someone out there knows of something that we are missing or has some idea for us. We are trying not to let our children know as they will find out soon enough but we are hoping that we are missing some kind of help. We will not accept money from you guys as you have done enough we love and hope you feel our love as it runs deep for all of you! Please we hope you don't think any less of us as we really have tried our best!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank You

From Stacy:

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and love and for hanging in there with me it is what keeps me and my family going. The unsung heros that send me cards, who drop off treats, who bring gifts, who send or drop off money, who bring meals, who give me a punching bag that says cancer sucks!, who helped with... cancer, who give me thoughtful notes etc! I love you!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Correcting misinformation.

From Stacy's FB page.

I want to quickly put out my medical facts as there has been some misinformation.

1. I have Astrocytoma Glioma- anyone who has studied this cancer or worked with this cancer or is a brain dr knows there is no cure and this cancer will not go away without away without a miracle. Yes miracles do happen. The Huntsman and U of U had a dr looking at the tests done who was not a brain specialist as they do not have one at this time so they thought it was basically gone......very scary diagnosis to make for someone for me but Dr ChoCair my NeuroOncologist- the only one in the state had me over to him within a day of the hospital getting his own MRI and test and I was seeing Dr. Constantino who was in Haiti when I was in the hospital- the best drs in the world for me are at IHMC here in SLC!!!!

The diagnosis is that I have used the max radiation- I can no longer receive anymore radiation but it slowed the growth of my tumor. Where my tumor is and the kind etc my dr does not believe chemo will work so our resources are now depleted.
So the cancer has slowed growing but the left side being numb has caused back pain. The medication, radiation, surgery and all other procedures have made several of my other organs decide to do crazy things which have added to medications and destruction. I was told the seizures are epileptic caused from headaches and from stress/the trauma to the brain.
They say I will always have a never ending headache so we are working on that.....trying to live with all the other stuff. Not much more we can do but try and leave this a better place for our children and love our children.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Recent Update from Stacy

Stacy posted the following which I am including here since some of you don't have a facebook account.

To all my dearest friends......I don't know how much everyone knows......I have brain cancer have had and will always have yeah!!!!!!But the good news is the radiation they gave me was the maximum they could give me and it has slowed the growth of my cancer. I can't have radiation again as I reached my max and my body has reached its limit.

My body has had its max this year so it is unable to go under anything experimental at this point. I need to get my body better as all therapies allowed for my cancer have been tried that aren't experimental! Also we have been financially depleted a long time ago- beyond depleted/ experimental therapies do not like that. So from here on out I have to put one hand in the Lords my other hand in my husbands and yours.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Stacy came home Wednesday afternoon.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Stacy is at Huntsman Cancer institute now and doing much better. The pain she has been experiencing is finally controlled. It is possible she could come home as early as tomorrow. If you would like to visit or need information, please contact Mike.

Editorial comment: Please be mindful that Stacy is trying to recuperate and she needs to rest. Mike's main concern is for Stacy and his family. Visits should be limited in the number of people and the time you spend. Mike and Stacy are aware of the concern and love expressed by neighbors and ward members.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Donations for Stacy

Stacy's cousin posted the following and indicated we can share it on the blog.

Hi everyone we just wanted to let you know that we have set up a donation account for Stacy to help with the medical costs. If you would like to donate the account is at Mountain America Credit Union under STACY CALDWELL DONATIONS. You can send donations to STACY CALDWELL C/O MACU P.O. BOX 278 CEDAR CITY, UT. 84721 or ...deposit at any Mountain America Credit Union. Stacy keep up the fight we are all behind you.


I don't know if I will have the money or strength to make it for treatment I hope I will but I am very discouraged at this point! I love all of those who have supported me. I love my children more than I could have ever imagined. When you laugh or have good memories think of me. When you see my children please give them the love they may be missing.

I appreciate whatever can be done and I know my Father in Heaven knows best so what is meant to be will happen. All my love- sincerely!


Need Treatment....

I really need treatment as I have become ill. The treatment I am trying to get is in Houston and I need any help that can be given. People to watch my children, prayers, spare change anything ......even just a hug and support! The Lord will make it happen if it is meant to be but I must do all I can! I love all of you and know that everyone has accepted my family as theirs know I love you for this and if you can't do anything I understand. My Heavenly Fathers will will be done.
All my love-

Monday, January 4, 2010

Calling all Angels!

I have continually been in extreme pain that won't allow sleeping and my migraines make my whole body ache. I have also had seizures become more regular now and there is a lump growing on top of my head. As the radiation did not work and my cancer is rare especially for people as young as I am there is not much more than can do and the extensive pain pills and seizure pills are no longer helping. We are trying to get our insurance to work with us so I can get the needed procedure that could change my life in Houston- there is a clinic/hospital there who has had very much success in getting rid of Astrocytoma Glioma cancer- the FEDS will only let the procedure be practiced there at that hospital. I am in dire need of this procedure. They are requiring $1500 upfront and I have to fly down there with someone and pay to stay and be treated for 3 weeks with a chest catheter, then they will send me home if all goes well and I will be on a strict diet and be homebound unable to leave or see anyone due to the fact the smallest germ could hurt me.
I have gotten to the point that the pain is so horrible I am unable to sleep - I took 3 ambien last night and fell asleep at 4am and had to be awake for my kids in 3 short hours.....
At this point I will do whatever it takes to get down there to maybe have some kind of hope!
Everyone has been so kind and I hate to ask but if you can help or pray for me in any way I am asking humbly.
I am trying to ask relatives for financial help but our resources are very depleted as I have been trying to fight this for 2 years now. for me this is a last resort. I want to live if it be My Father in Heavens will but if it isn't this won't work out...
This is my last chance for hope.....if anyone has any ideas I am hoping to get down there to Houston within a month. This is my last chance at treatment.
Sincerely and Humbly yours-
Stacy Caldwell