Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dr. Appointment

I was up at the Huntsman today and had 2 seizures so they put me back on steroids and hydracodene to manage pain with all other pain meds I am on. I hurt my ankle and back during the seizures but I want to send my love and thanks for the kindness of my husband, nurses, doctors and all the people there who tried to keep my dignity in tact.....although that really has gone out the window for me.....looks only matter on the inside! I was treated very kind. The Oncologist is calling next week and if the seizures have not stopped I will need to have surgery to be able to live safe. I hope this note in no way sounds negative I am mostly very tired. Mikes father also had a strok and we are concerned for his health as he is such an awesome man and very important to all of us. I know we all go through this for a reason and even though I am feeling defeated tonight I am thankful and will feel better tomorrow.
Again I send all my love-

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