Thursday, December 3, 2009

Call for prayers

Hey-I just wanted to send a heads up that the doctor gave me 18 months a few weeks ago and I found out via the insurance - disability I am getting. I have faith that I have way more than that- years in fact!!! But I would like to be remembered sometimes in prayers if you happen to think about me. I love all of you and you have all done so much for me! I believe in miracles and the more who ask the more can be heard! I love you and me and my kids and my husband thank you! My next doctors appt is at the Huntsman next Thursday at 2pm. Stacy


  1. You are so great to update! I love it. I believe in miracles, too, and I know you have a lot more fight in you! :) We are thinking of you and your family and sending many prayers your way. Love you!

  2. Stacy - we love you and your family, and we think about you often. You didn't even have to ask you are already in our prayers, and we will always keep you there. You are such an inspiring strong person. We believe in miracles too. We have living proof of a miracle terrorizing our house on a daily basis! It was living through the hell that made our miracle so meaningful. I hope it is the same for you. We know you have not had it easy. Always remember The Lord is there. He has not forgotten you. He will give you strength when you need it most, and comfort when there is no one else to find it in.

  3. Hugs and prayers! Let us know what else we can do.