Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas; Gratitude and Tears of Joy

To my dearest friends and my ward family I can't find the words to tell you how grateful I am to you I have tried all day to come up with the words. You have made this Christmas the most memorable experience we have ever had- a memory all five of us can take with us no matter where our life may lead us. I can't tell you with words how much the experience means to me I will hold the looks on my children's faces and my husbands face forever. I have spent most the time crying tears of joy. I have never felt so loved as I have this Christmas and the whole month of December. I tried to start thank-yous and I just couldn't count the deeds that were done. I love you all so much- Christ has truly been with me during the diagnosis and through this Christmas season- I have seen Christ in all of you and the love has been incredible. My new friends and old friends it was a taste of how Heven might be and it is awesome. For one day I forgot about all my Doctors appointments the first week of February which will again verify everything and more medication added to my already full cabinet of pills- but for one day I lived with my family and Christ in the moment. Many tears of joy were shed. I hope you can all feel the love I have for you because I pray for you as you have helped carry me through this very scary time.
All my love-unconditional-

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Latest 12/13/2009

Thank you for the prayers my father-in-law has made a full recovery and we can't wait for his visit in a couple weeks! We are very blesses and thankful that he is back to his full self!
As for myself we don't know why my seizures are all of a sudden recurring in oncologist and nurses were able to witness me seizures and verify they were grandmal and they put me back on steroids.....ahhhh....but if it stops the seizures that is ok. I also was given other medications and may have to have surgery sooner than later as the seizures could become very dangerous. I know prayers will help and whatever is decided it will go great!
I love you all and Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And celebrate every day because I truly believe every day is a gift!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dr. Appointment

I was up at the Huntsman today and had 2 seizures so they put me back on steroids and hydracodene to manage pain with all other pain meds I am on. I hurt my ankle and back during the seizures but I want to send my love and thanks for the kindness of my husband, nurses, doctors and all the people there who tried to keep my dignity in tact.....although that really has gone out the window for me.....looks only matter on the inside! I was treated very kind. The Oncologist is calling next week and if the seizures have not stopped I will need to have surgery to be able to live safe. I hope this note in no way sounds negative I am mostly very tired. Mikes father also had a strok and we are concerned for his health as he is such an awesome man and very important to all of us. I know we all go through this for a reason and even though I am feeling defeated tonight I am thankful and will feel better tomorrow.
Again I send all my love-

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Call for prayers

Hey-I just wanted to send a heads up that the doctor gave me 18 months a few weeks ago and I found out via the insurance - disability I am getting. I have faith that I have way more than that- years in fact!!! But I would like to be remembered sometimes in prayers if you happen to think about me. I love all of you and you have all done so much for me! I believe in miracles and the more who ask the more can be heard! I love you and me and my kids and my husband thank you! My next doctors appt is at the Huntsman next Thursday at 2pm. Stacy