Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Donation Drive

Due to a very financially stressful year for the Caldwell's, we are doing a loose change drive this season to help them with Christmas.
We will be posting the needs of the family as we get the information, you may donate online using Pay Pal or by giving your loose change or items to either Debbie Jordan or Celia Nilson.

You may reach us through Email at: for Debbie
and for Celia.

Thank you for all of your support and love. We wish you the best this Holiday Season,
Merry Christmas!


  1. I would like to stress that items do not need to be brand new we will take used items my children will like anything new to them.
    Also Mike and I do not want anything but would rather see our children have a great holiday! I just want to have some great memories as that is all we have when all is said and done-
    All my love,

  2. I really want to stress that it really is the thought that counts and the many cards and even just going out of your way to see how I am doing means so much. I want to stress my love for all you!